Rev. scott conn

Pastor Scott Conn is our Lead Pastor. He and his wife Jackie have been married since 1983. They have four beautiful daughters who are married and raising families of their own. 

Pastor Scott is a 1989 graduate of United Wesleyan College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral/Youth Ministry. He is an Ordained Minister of the Chesapeake District of the Wesleyan Church.

Scott has served as a Pastor and Evangelist within the Wesleyan Church. While serving as an evangelist, it allowed Scott to spread God’s glory in many services throughout a large area and to gain wisdom of the church as he ministered in many different venues.

In June 2014, Pastor Scott felt that God was calling him specifically to assume the role of Lead Pastor of Laurel Wesleyan Church. He is passionately excited about fulfilling the mission of Laurel Wesleyan Church to Find, Follow & Go.

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Pastor Chris Countryman

Pastor Chris Countryman is new to the Laurel Wesleyan Church team. He is the assistant to the senior pastor in addition to facilitating the youth group.

Meet Pastor Chris Countryman:  

A native of Newburgh, NY, Chris and his three siblings were part of the Christian church through his mother’s strong Catholic foundation. The children were baptized and confirmed, and they attended Saturday morning church classes along with special holidays such as Christmas and Easter. However, Chris did not truly know and follow Jesus until he was 22. 

Although Chris’ sister invited him to church, it was when she suggested he join the struggling softball team (sorry old church- but its true) that he decided to become involved. God knew the way into his heart was through sports, and he joined the team. Through the fellowship of faithful Godly men at church, he slowly realized multiple voids in his own life, and quickly began to see the hope and purpose that Jesus Christ had in store to fill his future. God began to create new passions and desires in his life and was destroying the one’s that were separating him from the Almighty. Volunteering in the youth ministry and attending several mission efforts to Juarez, Mexico and to New Orleans, Louisiana were part of Chris’ calling.

It was on his second trip down to New Orleans that there was a dramatic life change: Chris met his forever love, Laurie, a volunteer working at a Christian non-profit community center aiding in the recovery efforts from Katrina. They spoke a few times on the trip, and that is all it took— Chris was done! He went back home and could not get this woman out of his head. I asked God, “Why? I thought you wanted me to be like the apostle Paul and go serve on the mission field and evangelize. I like being alone.” Well, God had other plans. He saw where Chris needed this woman. They wrote letters to each other, talked on the phone and had the occasional visit over a 10 month span. In August of 2008, Chris and Laurie had a lovely wedding in Bridgeville. Chris, Laurie and their family are incredibly excited to join in on what God is doing here at Laurel Wesleyan Church. He has led Laurie and Chris to serve in New Orleans, LA together, followed by Chris in Dover for the past 6 years and now here with Laurel Wesleyan Church. Laurie is a 2nd grade teacher at Allen Frear Elementary school in Camden. They have an amazingly charismatic and energetic son Liam Daniel. “Since his birth, I have never smiled or laughed as much in my life. Everyday I have this amazing honor and responsibility of being a husband and a father, both of which I could never have imagined,” says Chris.

And on September 5th, 2014, the Lord blessed them with yet another son, Luke Cannon! 

Chris’ desire is for every family to have Jesus Christ as the Lord, Savior, and King of their lives; and for every family to experience the forgiveness, freedom and deliverance that God promises us through His son Jesus. Chris’ desire and goal is for “us parents to reclaim God in our homes and raise our children up according to His Holy word. When this happens, in view of God’s majesty, we will walk in compassion, mercy and grace, and both our minds and hearts will be full of and shaped by Him.”

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Michelle schieferstein

Michelle Schieferstein is our lead administrator & ministry facilitator. She married Kevin Schieferstein in 1993 and has a daughter, Katie and a stepson, Bryan who passed away at age 25. She and her family have been attending Laurel Wesleyan Church since 2003.

Michelle is the contact person for information dispersement and announcements, web communications, general church events, supplies, directory information, advertising, and office operations. She serves as lead administrative support to the pastoral staff and has a fluent knowledge of the flow of all that happens here.

Michelle uses her administrative and organizational talents to keep the overall function of the church running smoothly.

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